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The All-in-One Online Coaching Software that works with you. Less effort and more insights. Training success through science.

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Ein Trainer, der ein Training programmiert und ein Athlet, der trainiert.
Exercise Library
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Coaching has never been so hassle-free

Traindoo is your universal tool when it comes to coaching. Whether a new training plan, a new exercise video or a new feedback - all in one software.

Overview of the Traindoo system: A coach is programming a new training for their athlete on a tablet computer in front of a desktop screen. An athlete is stretching in front of a mobile screen. The two are synched continuously.
The athlete overview in the trainer webapp lets them cluster and filter their athletes according to their rules.


your coaching

With Traindoo you’ve got the flexibility to organize your coaching according to your logic. Group and filter your athletes with custom labels. Personalize the exercise library with your own exercises, images and videos. You are the coach.


Like you, Traindoo thinks in terms of training cycles. Use templates for exercises, days, weeks and entire cycles. While you plan, you have direct access to several exercises at once and the historical performance of your trainees. This way plans are created and customized in a flash.

The programming overview lets coaches program trainings while giving them access to all relevant information.
An analysis graph in the Traindoo trainer Web application.

Training success
through science

Traindoo allows you to do more than just track exercise performance. Create individual check-ins and record habit and health data. This data serves as a basis for your next training plan and flows into a sports-scientific analysis tool. You gain insights and your trainees a long-term advantage.

Planning trainings will never be the same again

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Made for athletes

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  • Extensive exercise library with detailed descriptions, photos and videos
  • Detailed nutrition planning and recording with automated calculations
  • Individual habit-building, supported by the collection of health and habit data
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This is how much your training planning could improve as well

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Lukas Weissmann

Online Coach


"I have been a coach for several years and have been through many types of coaching. I've handed out training plans on a piece of paper, emailed Excel sheets, and finally worked with Google Sheets via a cloud platform. But Traindoo has completely revolutionized how I work as a coach. We have a platform, a medium, where we put everything together. Here, all athletes can document all relevant topics such as training, nutrition, technique videos and form pictures with just ONE app on their cell phone. As  a coach, this allows you to be much more efficient at your work."

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Online Coaching

It used to be like this: One app for programming, the next for communicating with athletes, another to record feedback, and yet another to share all the files with each other.

Traindoo offers all this in one -
and so much more...

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